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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 17, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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who is always dressed appropriately. >> well, i saw one time. [ laughter ] during the overnight hours. we are being look at a -- looking at a mostly sunny afternoon. humidity, 58%. coming at the north at 5 miles per hour. again, our cold front that brought us the rain showers had pushed to the east. you can see it on the satellite radar. taking the shower. and thunderstorm activity to the north. out to sea. and out to the west. see the cloud cover? still have to work that little batch there to the west. before we can call it a mostly sunny afternoon. but i think when all is said and done, we'll see mostly sunshine. temperatures got hot at noon there for a time. today, only mid-80s. becoming mostly sunny. beautiful afternoon. 84 degrees with winds out of the north and west. if you like this weather, you're going to love the
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weekend forecast. more details on that. >> thanks very much. and we are continuing to follow breaking news from london today, where a potential threat to the pope is busted up. several men are arrested this morning as the holy father continues to hold up. this report was just filed from outside of westminster abbey, where the pope will be later today. five men were arrested early this morning in london. a potential terror threat against pope benedict xvi here on the second day of a four-day visit to the united kingdom. scotland yard, not confirming that the arrests which were carried out under the terrorism act, were indeed, pope-related. police only saying that the five men were not british nationals. at their age between 26 and 50. they were brought in, and are now being questioned. there are also searches going on in both homes and offices in london, in connection with these arrests. but so far, no hazardous
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materials had been found. now, finally, scotland yard does continue with anti- terrorism detectives to search other areas as well, where the peep will be visiting this afternoon. -- pope will be this afternoon. they say they have confidence in the police. the pope benedict has been informed about this and he is very calm. but having followed the pope, i can tell you the pope is just about always very calm. in london. fox news. and now, to a developing story here at home. u.s. ca man early this morning, saying they feared for their lives. >> this happened here at the department of health and human services second and c street southwest. fox 5's sherri ly joins us live now with more. >> reporter: well, tony, officers are still on the scene here, four hours after this shooting happened. it was around 5:00 this morning when u.s. capitol police shot a gunman right over there, by the
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health and human services building. police say they did recover the suspect's gun. but just what was he doing with that gun? so close to the capitol? >> u.s. capitol police swarmed the area, after officers spotted a man at second and c street southwest with a gun. investigators are still trying to determine if the suspect said anything to the officers or if the officers ordered the man to drop the weapon. police say he pointed it at the officers. at least one, possibly more, fired, hitting the gunman. police say it all unfolded within minutes. a lookout was broadcast over the capitol police radio for a man with a gun. and a few moments later, around the same time, at 5:00 a.m., officers in the area of second and c street in the southwest, observed a man, who brandished a gun directly at the officers. >> reporter: the suspect was taken to the hospital, reportedly shot in the abdomen, but conscious. police weren't saying how he was shot.
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but reports indicate several shots perhaps were fired. this was across from the rayburn building. police don't know why the gunman was in the area or if he was targeting anyone. >> for brandishing a weapon at a police officer usually doesn't end well. and the officers have to take into consideration, whether their lives are in danger or the lives of the people immediately around are in danger. as you mentioned, he protects congress. it is unclear just how close that suspect was to the officers when he pointed that weapon at him and when he was shot. police at this point say that is all still part of the investigation. right now, his identification has not been released. and police say his condition is unknown. that's the latest here, tony, allison, back to you. >> thank you very much. another big story we're following this morning, we are
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learning more about why a northern virginia man may have staged a violent incident at johns hopkins hospital in baltimore. police say that he shot a doctor, shot and killed his mother, then turned the gun on himself. this morning, that doctor is recovering. now, the gunman's family says he was likely overcome with grief about his mother's conditions. fox 5's sarah simmons joins us this morning. >> good news, the doctor underwent surgery and is expected to be okay. the shooter's brother says he believes his brother is upset over his mother's surgery, because she probably wouldn't be able to walk again. police say paul warren hardic pulled a gun and shot his motor's doctor while the surgeon was updating him on the condition of his elderly mother. the bullet went right into the doctor's stomach. he barricaded himself with his mother. he killed his 84-year-old mother and then himself. for more than two hours, people
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were frightened but knew little about what was going on inside. >> my boss came running in. and he said there was a guy running around with a gun and to stay put. >> it's scary, just knowing that someone is on the outside, on the rampage. with a gun. in a hospital. where we're supposed to be protected. >> here's the thing. the hospital does not have metal detectors. with 80 entrances and 80,000 visitors a week, johns hopkins says it is not realistic to put metal detectors at every entrance. hart has lived in the south d.c. area. neighbors say the two were quiet and friendly, but for the most part, kept to themselves. they believe the son was the only one taking care of his mother and perhaps overwhelmed with taking care of her. but they say he never really talked about it. >> it's a terrible situation. and having a mother that was
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going through whatever she was going through and him, too, probably. the only one. >> he had a good side. and he loved his mother. and that clearly showed through. whatever made him do this, we'll never know. rest in peace. >> he had moved to arlington to care for his mother. he was a contract driver for metro access. but his employer says he had been on leave since june. tony? >> thank you very much. in other news, prince george's county police are searching for the person who shot and killed a 17-year-old boy. it happened in a park on nicholson street in hyattsville, around 7:00 last night. police have not released the victim's name. a man who robbed a prince george's county bank thursday leaves police with a picture- perfect view of who they're looking for. they're sharing a series of surveillance photos with the public. you clearly see the robber
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showing a handgun to a teller on knox road in college park. he reaches over the counter, still pointing the gun at the teller. it is unclear how much money he got away with. worrying statistics from the census bureau. the poverty level in america is at its highest level since the 1960s. the number of people in poverty climbed from almost -- to almost 40 million. reverend al sharpton says the numbers should be a wake-up call. >> the numbers of outstanding. because what we're seeing now is what happened in the economic crisis that came about in the last part of the bush years that have you now have brought in over a period of time now, where you have one out of seven americans in poverty. >> census bureau's annual report found the poverty rate
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declined from 18 to 17%. in maryland, poverty rose a half% to 9. -- half to 9. the census report also finds there are less americans with health insurance. it shows the number of people without health insurance grew, more than 16% from 46 million to 51 million. this is the first year that the number of uninsured people increased. severe weather hit the new york area. take a look at this. the national weather service is sending investigators to new york city today to determine if a tornado touched down there yesterday during a strong storm. tornado warnings have been issued for staten island, brooklyn and queens at that time. the storm is responsible for at least one death. left thousands without power. did first lady michelle obama bash her job? we will make a new claim and what the white house is saying
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about that. and the speculation is running wild. will michelle reed keep her job now that a new mayor is likely to take over. we're taking a look ahead at what the school system is looking at. t
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welcome back. 9:13 now. there has been more speculation that michelle reed might leave her office for a position with the mayor's office. if she does leave, what will that do to the strides that have been made in the recent years? joining us here with the former chair of the d.c. control board. if you weren't around then, they had control over the decisions the mayor's office made. thanks for coming in.
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>> glad to be here. >> and because of your position that you had before, we felt like you would have some very good insight into some of the changes that may be coming. i do want to point out and make sure that folks know that you did support vincent gray for mayor. >> i did. >> let's talk about this. here's the headlines in the morning's post. reed is likely to head for the door. and she wednesday night called the election of vincent gray devastating for the school children. were you surprised to hear those words used? >> i was surprised to hear her say that. i think it was an unfortunate statement. but she has made clear over the campaign that she was very pro- . and it is not surprising that she selected her. >> you make a good point since you did appoint her. they work closely together. they were very like-minded in
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terms of what needed to be done in schools and how it needed to be done. but generally speaking, don't they all want the same thing for d.c. school children? >> absolutely. and one thing that is easily forgotten is that it took a council vote, led by chairman gray to give mayoral control to the mayor. and extraordinary powers to the chancellor. he supported that. he supports a strong chancellor. and he will not go back, i believe, on the reform that heb put in place. >> why is it likely that -- and i know you're not michelle reed. >> no, i'm not. >> but why is it likely -- i mean, obviously, there have been issues that have come up. much of it over style. some of it over the substances in terms of how somebody's decisions were made. why is it so likely that she is
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going to lead if vincent gray does want to continue reforming the schools. >> i think she just wants to lead. i can't read her mind. but the thing that is clear is that vincent gray supports mayoral control, supports a strong chancellor. if she does leave, he will leave quickly -- look quickly for a very strong chancellor to replace her and to continue the reform. >> vincent gray has indicated he wants to sit down with her and i think they're scheduled to do that once she comes back from vacation. is there any possibility he would ask her to stay on, at least for a period of time? >> i would think he would. but i'm not privy to that. >> well, progress -- if she does leave, which looks likely, is it possible that the progress that has been made can continue under somebody else? or is it disruptive for her to leave? >> it's always disruptive to leave the head of the school district. because you have to find a new person. and they have to find their way around. and build a new team.
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but i would expect that to go quite quickly here. because i know that chairman gray, as mayor, will want to have a sense of momentum about improving the schools. he's made very clear that that is what he wants. and that he is not going to go back and renegotiate the teacher contract for any of the things that were so controversial. >> essentially, what is done is done? >> what's done is done. and let's make it better. and that's the attitude, i think. >> washington post pointed out that robert c. bob, he's currently the emergency financial director for detroit public schools. he was at gray's election night celebration. is that significant? should we read something do that. >> i have no idea. i have great respect for robert bob. he did a very good job as to
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the administrator. and then, in an ill-timed moment, he ran for school board chair. and this is the time when the mayor will take over what is happening and the school board was being relegated to a less important position than running the schools. so he is now in detroit. i have no idea whether he would be willing to come back or whether gray would consider that a good thing. what does gray need to do now, in terms of reassuring parents in d.c., the public, those who voted for him, and those who did not vote for him, what his vision is for the school system. >> he wrote a very good paper during the campaign. about his vision for the school system and what he wanted to do. i think he needs to get out and talk about it. one of the problems that gray has, especially in the weight is that they don't know him very well. so, he should get out in all
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parts of town. and say, here's what i think should be done about the schools and about other things. and i want to hear from you. he has made very clear that a hallmark of his administration will be communication with citizens with parents, with the people that need to be part of reform, especially school reform. >> indeed, he is proposing the town hall meetings. >> yes. >> allison -- alice, good to have you here. >> thank you. 9:19 now. the white house is denying a quote, attributed to michelle obama in a new book out this morning, in a biography about the french first lady. she is described as saying don't ask, it's hell, i can't stand it, referring to life in the white house. but carla bruni is distancing
9:20 am
herself from that quote. and the book, carla the ambitious is not an authorized biography. a manhunt. now, the alleged victim in the case says the attack did not happen. we'll tell you what did happen next. and holly is putting her athletic ability to the test this morning. holly. >> i am, let me tell you. i'm not doing so great. but i am hanging out with some gold medal winners. one at the state level. this morning, you're taking on the 70s t. -- 70s. senior olympic games. all coming up live later. and thank you, holly. as summer officially winds down. we've had a great time being t concerts. today is our very last giveaway. it's to see rush tomorrow night at 7:30. for a chance to win a pair of tickets, you need to directly
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answer the trivia questions on your screen. who writes the lyrics to the majority of rush songs? to enter, go to our website, my fox and find it on our entertainment page. can you enter until 10:00 this morning. read all of the contest rules there. you must be at least 18 there. the prize is a pair of tickets provided by live entertainment. we'll be right back. 
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how about this? the relief well in mexico is now complete. bp connected the relief well in the gulf of mexico. engineers will start pumping to
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finally seal it once and for all. and others will give their insights on the recovery operation. the case of a woman badly burned in an acid attack is taking a surprising turn. turns out it was all a hoax. plig police say bethany storro doused her own face with acid. storro originally told police she was attacked by a woman on august 30th. but the acid appeared to be rubbed, not splashed. they don't know why she did this to herself. she could be charged with filing a false claim. >> it's a tough video to watch in turkey. police are now questioning a young woman whose child was spotted on surveillance video, lingering all alone on a highway. his mother said she left him sleeping under some bushes and didn't notice when he woke up and wandered off. several cars and trucks sped past, before one motorist
9:26 am
noticed the toddler and slowed down traffic. the baby was not hurt. >> precious baby. i'm so glad it ended like that. it has been a pretty hot topic. well, today, we are talking about appropriate dress. especially in the workplace. this is the topic of this week's ask allison. i'm going to give my opinion. some of you might not like it. but that's what an opinion is. also, call it a texas two- step. up next, redskins are looking to make it two straight. but will they be up to the challenge? dave ross joins us next in our friday football forecast. stay with us. at 9:26. 
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they are taking on the houston texans this weekend. who knew they would be so tough? >> yeah. we thought the team in texas was out. right? especially not. -- apparently not. >> i think this is a tougher challenge. >> i think you are correct, sir. allison, do you agree that this will be a tougher game? with your knowledge? >> well, if you guys say so. >> we agree now. it is going to be tougher. and you were talking about an appropriate workplace closing. which led to clinton portis. well, this is interesting yesterday, guys. i'm not sure if you saw it. tony, i think you saw it last hour. clinton came out yesterday, and let's just say he didn't want to talk about it. this is what he did. he taped up his mouth. held up signs that said, thanks if are coming, next question, no comment. albert haines worth was getting in on the act. comical in no words. i thought he did a good job in that. but this is all from that,
9:31 am
allison. and clinton does not want to be known for this. we need to know what he does on the field. this week, they'll need in services if they're going to beat the texans. maybe it's better to focus on the games, not worry about the talking in the locker room. >> i think he understands. like you said earlier, his whole off season was quiet. >> he let his guard down. >> said something stupid. but he apologized right away. >> and -- >> it's more about having us in the locker room. another guy who didn't talk and normally doesn't talk, albert haines worth, did not practice yesterday, with an ankle injury. will he play sunday? he was the head coach then. >> what he did yesterday was sprained his ankle. he didn't do any team reps today. hopefully he'll practice tomorrow. physical he practices today, --
9:32 am
if he practices today, he'll probably play. these guys don't practice, they will probably not play. it will be interesting to see what happens sunday. mike shanahan with a fascinating look at the way he watches and calls the games. this is the last play of the game that we remember from sunday. they thought they won the game. on this touchdown. would-be pass to roy williams. after this, in all of this confusion and craziness on the field. they run up to mike shanahan and says, offensive penalty. no timeouts, the game is over. shanahan takes off his headset. runs up to mike shanahan, after this play. doesn't celebrate. runs right up to the head coach. and says, i'm sorry, coach. i blew that. you know what shanna man -- shanahan's response was, don't worry about it. i'm so proud of you. this is going to make those
9:33 am
guys run through a wall with him. you think mike shanahan. over these one-two sumer bowls -- super bowls. not real passionate about this. when you hear the way he heats up into a football game. this guy looks like he's been coaching for maybe a year, not 20 years. the passion he has for the game is still evident. it's rubbing off on his players. probably one of the most well- respected players in the locker room. but that's the first thieng thing on his mind. it's still a great thing to know that these guys will have a great time. >> where we want them to be. >> right from the top. did you know that? >> yes, i did. [ laughter ] >> he reminds me of that every day. >> dave ross, thank you. [ laughter ] >> all right. we're going to bring back
9:34 am
the midday prediction of picking games on sunday. >> i know we do. all right. we'll get the weather forecast. i'm told i'm running out of time. a little rain yesterday. [ laughter ] >> about 3/100ts of an inch of rain. dulles, less than a tenth of an inch. at bwi marshall. 6/100ths of an inch of rain. not a whole lot of rain yesterday. and you know what? not going to get a whole lot of rain this weekend. it's going to be a beautiful weekend. there's a look at satellite radar. a few clouds off to the west. and you can see the rain shower activity that moved through last night. worked through new york. they had tornadoes. here's your cloud cover to the west. it's going to be during the morning hours. partly cloudy start to the day. and then the sun will really start to build in later this afternoon. and again, we'll have a beautiful weekend around here. high temperatures each day, upper 70s to 80. no humidity out there.
9:35 am
and overnight lows, 50s and 60s. if only we could get a little rain. unfortunately, as mentioned, not in the five-day forecast. temperatures, warming up. 74 in washington. 73. 72 in frederick. and 76 in hagerstown. so still cooler air. still 60s hanging out here to the north and west. feels real cool. especially martinsburg. down to the tropics we go. we still have a lot of action. this is hurricane carl. now a major hurricane. winds 120 miles per hour. there it goes. they have hurricane warnings flying out there. then we've got to hurricane igor. thank you, tony. you know what? not looking quite as impressive as it was two hours ago. but still a major hurricane. hurricane watches now near bermuda. looks like it's going to track just to the west of bermuda. that is bad news. as of course, the right squadron is going to be the most powerful part of the storm. get out of the way. still a hurricane but falling
9:36 am
apart this week. that's good news. our forecast, going for a nice afternoon. 84 degrees. winds out of the north and west. at 5 to 10 miles per hour. and look at the weekend forecast. get out and enjoy. 82 tomorrow. bright sunshine. a few clouds streaming through on sunday. as we get a weak cold front. but that won't amount to much. if you go to a redskins game, this is going to be a perfect sunday for you. highs of 84 degrees. that's a look at the forecast. allison, back to you. it's that time of the week, where i get to answer a question that you sent in to ask allison. a viewer writes, i'm a 20- something-year-old woman, in good shape, and proud of the way i look. i like to dress in a way that complements my figure but is tasteful. but the problem is, i often get unwanted attention from guys. should i dress more conservatively?
9:37 am
she didn't want her identity shared. so i'll say thanks thanks for writing in. we were talking about a mexican sports reporter who was made to feel uncomfortable because of what she had on while covering the jets. to me, this is deeper than what you are wearing. it speaks to your self confidence, self esteem. i love to see a self-assured woman, young or old. the way they carry themselves, they should be an example for us. however, if you dress in a way that highlights certain aspects, you have to expect to get some attention. some will think you use your appearance to get ahead. this is what society does. if you know all of these things and you don't allow yourself to feel defeated by the attitudes of others and you don't let
9:38 am
them deter your self-esteem, then don't conform to what others think you should wear. but be ready for the looky-lous and the haters. i don't think you should go to work with cleavage showing. >> that's what i was going to ask. are you giving her permission to wear anything? >> no. i'm hoping that you don't wear a half shirt and cutoffs to work and thigh-high boots. i think that's inappropriate. >> depends on where you work. and here's the other thing, tony. you don't have to dress a certain way. why would you change your own personality? >> i'm going to tell my daughters, too. understand the ramifications. walk with your head up. be proud. just because somebody is going to look and whatever. change your confidence level is all i'm saying. but be ready for it. because a lot of people, people who dress in the blue suits every day. they're going to be like, i cannot believe she's wearing that. but as long as -- >> i'm wearing a blue suit. >> well, you're a man.
9:39 am
>> oh, you >> yeah, the women - >> i think we should have a debate on this show sometime and do a debate on this. i'm with you. but i think it's on the women and the men. em with -- women, be reasonable. but you're right. sometimes no matter what you're wearing, men are going to pay attention. and men, act like you have some brains. don't just act like a hooligan because a pretty woman walks past you. >> when you walk past a group of construction workers, and i don't know what you have on, some will shrink away. but this is what society will make you feel. >> but don't let that change your behavior. >> you know what i mean. >> yes. we are women. >> you look very nice today, by the way. >> don't look too hard. if you have a question you'd like to ask me. don't develop the attitude, what are you looking at?
9:40 am
you know what i mean? last month, it was glenn beck and al sharpton. now, two other big names want a rally on the national mall. we'll tell you who and what they are rallying. and a country music landmark is ready for a comeback. we'll show you a renovated opry land. next. 
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a major tourist attraction in tennessee will reopen for the first time since those devastating floods. we're getting a sneak peek of the view into the opry land hotel. it includes fresh tile, fresh paint. at one point water was up to 8 feet high during the may floods. since then, hundreds of construction wonderers have been trying to undo the damage.
9:44 am
comedian john stewart announced he will host a reality for sanity this was poking fun at glenn glenn beck's view on the mall last month. i don't know what they're going to do, but it should be funny. >> whatever it is. parents and teens, listen up. do you like to cheat a girl? we are talking to author deborra gregory. next. and senior olympics about to get under way this weekend. we'll be back in a moment. hi. i'm jim perdue.
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if you're the parent of a tween, then you, of course, know all about the wildly popular cheetah girls series. the cheetah girls phenomenon all started because of our next guest, author and creator creator deborah gregory. good morning. >> good morning. >> i have to ask, cheetah girls is so huge. are you at all surprised that it took off this way? >> absolutely. you realize in 85 years of children's literature, it was the first time you ever had a book, movie around the world that had black and latin characters. it was historical. >> and that is the diversity piece. you took it a whole other place. i was just asking about the phenomenon that this is. and there is no girl. you don't have to be a tween. my kids are -- the youngest is
9:49 am
6. she knows all about the cheetah girls. >> yes. and any country. australia, japan, berlin. it doesn't matter where. it's been all over the world. that's even more amazing. >> when you talk about the series and the whole concepts behind it, the underlying method here is that self confidence. and that willingness to go the distance for a dream. and you are at paul public charter schools today to talk just about that. >> yes. >> tell us about why you're in town. >> yes. well, i'm here. my latest book is "cat walk, strike a pose." that's my latest book series. and i'm here to appear at the black caucus convention pavilion saturday. so that's literacy. i'm here. i love doing my favorite things. reading. literature comes to life. especially for them to see a black author. that's why i specifically
9:50 am
picked a school like paul charter school. >> will you be casting any cheetah pearls of wisdom about that self-esteem and confidence? >> absolutely. and you were right. same about cat walk. it's aspirational. a theme about pursuing your dreams. and the family setting. there's lots of challenges that people in urban cities especially. they're complicated growing up now. i grew up in the foster care system in the bronx. so there's always a character who grows up in foster care. it's just very relatable. that's what my stories are. i created them for reluctant readers. it's very disparaging with the reading levels going down. you're familiar with the documentary coming. i love reading. and i wanted to continue to be glammous -- glamorous and fun.
9:51 am
cat walk is about passion. you can travel around the world. and the cheetah girls. not everyone can be a singer. but if you can or be in the music business, you can get to see the world and make your dreams come true. that's what it's about for me. >> and you're living proof of that. thanks for spending time in our city today. >> yes. >> thank you. the new series is called cat walk. out today. >> yes. >> thank you. >> very cool. all right. now, something else that is cool. the northern virginia senior olympics starts tomorrow. holly norris is spending the morning with some of the competing athletes in arlington, virginia. holly? >> i think you're eligible, aren't you? to play in these, tony? >> oh, boy. no, i don't think i am. what is the age. >> no, no, no. i'm sorry. i forgot that you are 39.
9:52 am
youville years! thank you. -- you have years. >> thank you. 39 and holding. >> but 50 is the minimum age here. it's the more experienced athletes here. this is going to go over the next weekend here. they have 25 different events. 15 different venues. they were getting in early morning practice. pretty fierce competition there. but if you come over this way. let me show you their picture first. i have some guys that are whooping it up. and allen mccourt. the virginia creepers. let me tell you a little about the virginia creepers. they have already won the gold medal at the state level for the 75-plus division. and actually qualifies them for the nationals that they'll go to next june. right now, they're playing in the world pickup game with the 70-plus-year-old. and they said they are really going to whoop up on those young guys. del, after you shoot it, oh. i distracted you. and then there's bill. and i distracted you. you two come on over here.
9:53 am
and you guys continue to play. you're not tired, are you? no. you're looking alive. i like it. i like it. come over here. it's not fair. >> big guy. >> how is it going this morning? >> very good. >> you guys have played a lot already. >> yeah. three or four games. >> we have more to play. >> you are just getting started, right? so tell me about the virginia creepers in this whole win in the golden state and going on to nationals. >> well, that's an every-other- year event. we're playing in houston in june. >> this is pretty good? >> pretty good. >> we'll see. but there are pretty serious competitions. >> oh, yes. we have a new jersey crowd. they're the favorites. but they're probably the 15 teams in the nation. and will be competitive. does to work like just a regular basketball game? >> pretty much. although it's a little different.
9:54 am
everything goes back on the 3- point line. >> i think that was a foul. [ laughter ] but okay. this is where we were interrupted there. it's 3 on 3. >> when we get to the nationals with this much difference. they play regular fouls. >> do you play full course? >> all half cower. >> -- half course. >> and what's the length of the game. >> and two minutes before the half, it's basketball. >> you guys really think this is it. >> no doubt about it. >> but we enjoy it. >> passion. and as long as your legs are still working. >> okay. two more important questions before we go on a play-off there. one, what's the trash talker there? >> we don't know. >> we can't say. these are men with experience. >> no different than any sport, believe me. >> thanks for keeping me clean, dylan. and you guys have cheerleaders. >> no.
9:55 am
>> you know what? those guys always get in the way. don't they? >> you guys are going to run the play. >> what are we going to be doing here? >> we're going to be doing our call here. holly? >> with us. >> i'm guarding holly. >> going to be a creeper. >> he's going in. here we go. >> all right. here we go. here we go. >> here you go, holly. >> i got it. >> yes. whoo! >> all right. i'm good enough to play with the 75-plus-year-old. you guys were very fun. thank you very much. good luck. >> i'm not leaving you. i'm going to be here. my fox dc. we have a link going on all weekend long. check it out if you want to come out and have a good time. >> all right. and i'm getting hit on by the 75-plus-year-old. back to you.
9:56 am
[ laughter ] >> carla, you're so proud. that's great. >> that's great. thanks, holly. we're back with a final check of your weekend forecast in a few moments. 
9:57 am
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9:59 am
couple of clouds out there. but sunshine this afternoon. and a fantastic-looking weekend, with high temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. >> going to show us the five- day? there it is. >> there it is. i'm going to show it to you. look at that. no rain. certainly none this weekend. but outdoor plans, great. >> that's this coming sunday. what's going to happen is that little cloud cover there. and then later more sunshine. >> beautiful. >> i know i'm sunny. >> great. it will be a good weekend. >> excellent. we want to thank you for watching fox 5 morning


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